Nimble-One-Finger Package Opener by Simon Lyons

Simon Lyons Shows The Nimble One-Finger Package Opener

Simon Lyons, the author of the award winning work one-finger package opener by Simon Lyons explicates, Nimble is the world's first one-finger safety cutter. It is inclusively designed for disabled and non-disabled people and is easy, safe and fun to use. A special blade profile makes it much safer to use than knives or scissors. Orientation bumps inside Nimble's sleeve help people with visual impairments determine that it is the right way on. The special sleeve design is fluted to expand to fit different finger sizes so you don't have to choose which size to get. The bright yellow colour? This is for increased visibility, particularly useful for people with visual impairments. .

Nimble-One-Finger Package Opener by Simon Lyons Images:


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