Love Over The Rock by Chuang, Che Yung

Chuang, Che Yung Presents The Love Over The Rock Hotel

Chuang, Che Yung, the lead designer of the awarded design Hotel:Love Over the Rock by Chuang, Che Yung spells out, Using the "Heaven, Earth and Man" as the original designing thoughts, the designer introduces the idea from “The Book of Changes”, "First, there is heaven and earth, and then there are beings." He sees the sky and earth at the dining space as a vertical scroll, and the customers as part of the composition. He hopes that the restaurant could be a fantastic place for customers to get together, and to hold banquets. The designer uses characters wisely, separating "Da Si Xi" words apart, and reconstruct them in the space of restaurant. .

Love Over The Rock by Chuang, Che Yung Images:


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